COA Citizens' Desk Reporting System

How to use COA Citizens' Desk Reporting System?

CDRS is a tool to efficiently receive, record and monitor the queries, complaints, requests and reports on allegations of fraud, waste or mismanagement of public funds.
We utilize this Helpdesk using a support ticket system through CDRS.


Send inquiry, thru our official webpage online.


You may also send to our Email at [email protected]


Use COA Official APP and submit your queries and concerns.

COA Citizens' Desk Mobile App

You may also download our official Mobile App on Google Play to submit your queries, complaints and requests.

Total Number of Tickets Received
  • 1770 Queries
  • 34 Commendation
  • 951 Complaints
  • 538 Assistance
  • 42 Suggestions
* As of March 28, 2023!